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Meloless Knicks lose to Thompson, Warriors 90-103

With Carmelo Anthony rested for last night’s game and with Derrick Rose out with a back injury, coach Jeff Hornacek started with Lance Thomas and Brandon Jennings. Thomas scored 5 points shooting 2-9, while Jenkins finished with 10 points (as the highest starter scorer), 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

The Knicks came late at the arena after getting stuck in traffic and were no threat for a team that moved the ball constantly, scoring the first 36 baskets off assists. Final score Knicks 90, Warriors 103. As Steve Kerr noticed his team looked more as if they were toying with the Knicks instead of blowing them out. [Source]

Kristaps Porzingis was well guarded by Draymond Green – who stated that he was “pissed off” for the comments the Latvian sophomore made about him the day before the game (“…i’m ready for him”). Porzingis scored just 8 points shooting 4-13 and grabbed 5 rebounds in 35 minutes, while Green scored 5 points shooting 2-12 and grabbed 11 rebounds.

Justin Holiday and Ron Baker came off the bench and were the only Knicks with more than 10 points. Holiday dropped 15 and had a season-high 6 steals while Baker finished with 13.

The Knicks are now 2-2 in the west coast trip and will play the last game before returning to Madison Square on Sunday night at Denver.

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