Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap

Wondering what else happened before, during, and after the Knick games, that’s not just about, the game? I recap with you various interesting, fun, and weird things that have gone on during all the Knick broadcasts including the ones on MSG Network, TNT, ESPN, and ABC.

Toronto Raptors At New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap – Madison Square Garden – 11/1/2021

75th Anniversary Of First NBA Game

A  historical game tonight between the Toronto Raptors vs. the New York Knicks. The original game took place at Maple Leaf Gardens. Would have been cool if it took place there again, but maybe the Knicks have forever rights for choosing where to play on the anniversary.


When talking to Monica McNutt at the MSG Studio bar, Alan Hahn said the Knicks and Raptors are the top two teams with the fewest points in the paint. We might be seeing a shootout tonight, much different than the game that took place in 1946.

Stylin’ And Profilin’

After not dressing up for Halloween on Saturday, Bill Pidto tried to make up for it with a nice blue suit and orange tie. Speaking of Halloween, in my first blog post the other night I asked when are we going to get Halloween black and orange Knicks jerseys, and today it was announced that on November 15th the NBA City Edition uniforms are coming out. The Knicks one is predominately black with some orange, blue, and white. Very nice, but I still want just black and orange!

Walt Frazier was wearing a really nice orange suit for this game. Maybe he was saving his Halloween Knicks suit for this big anniversary night of the first NBA game and him being honored as one of the 75 greatest NBA players of all-time tonight.

The Raptors with their regular road jersey. Would have been a great night for them to wear the Huskies uni.

Looking Back At The First NBA Game

Game-time started off with some kind of big band song showing the first NBA game, footage back and forth of the current Knicks and the first Knicks team, and also other old footage of fun things going on back in the day. Old classics such as “Sing, Sing, Sing” and “Rock Around The Clock” were played in the Garden throughout the game which Frazier noted was making him feel young.


Cadillac Trivia Question 

RJ Barrett Is 1 Of 25 Canadian-Born Players Currently

In The NBA. Which Player Has The Most Career Points?


In the second quarter there was a graphic made by the Knicks broadcast team with notes on the first NBA game:

New York Knicks At Toronto Huskies

(Knicks Won 68-66)

Location: Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto, Ontario)

Ticket Prices Ranged From 75 Cents To $2.50

Fans Free Entry If Taller Than Huskies Center George Nostrand (6’8″)

Also another graphic with notes with the title “In The Year 1946“:

President Harry S. Truman

$ Of Milk: 70 Cents/Gallon

$ Of Gas: 21 Cents/Gallon

Best Picture: “The Best Year Of Our Lives”

Top Song: “Prisoner Of Love” By Perry Como


Nine Knicks Players Honored For The Top 75 Players Of All-Time

Nine Knick players were announced recently that they were honored as they were voted as part of the 75 greatest NBA players of all-time. On the center of the court Dave DeBusschere, represented by his son Peter DeBusschere, Bob McAdoo, Earl “The Pearl”, and Walt Frazier were honored. Clyde was holding the 75th Anniversary blinged out basketball.

Bob McAdoo was interviewed by Rebecca Haarlow and they were talking about people asking why was he left off the top 50 ever since that list was announced in 1996. He was the only MVP on the list not on it. McAdoo mentioned that he dunked on Dr. J.

Bob McAdoo averaged the most points per game in Knicks history in three seasons. He’s been with the Heat organization since 1995, first as a coach, now as a scout.

Notable Commentary By Clyde And Breen

  • After Frazier and Breen were talking about the gas prices in 1946, Clyde said now the ball boy makes more than he did back when he played.
  • Frazier said if it wasn’t for his NBA career he’d have been a phys ed. teacher.

MSG 150 – Fast Notes – Halloween Edition

Klay Thompson video working out with a Larry Bird uniform and giving a Bird impersonation

Boban dressed as Axl Rose

In Charlotte a fan dressed as LaMelo Ball.

Behind LeBron in the background for the previous night’s game, a look-alike was in the front row. Not a costume.


Cadillac Trivia Question 

RJ Barrett Is 1 Of 25 Canadian-Born Players Currently

In The NBA. Which Player Has The Most Career Points?

Answer: Andrew Wiggins 10,360


That wraps it up for the first New York Knicks MSG Broadcast Recap! Be sure to check out the recap of the Knicks/Raptors game by the captain of the Knicks Online ship, rady.

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