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Report: No structural damage in Early’s knee

Cleanthony Early posted a message via his instagram account on Wednesday from his hospital bed, following the robbery and the shooting, expressing his gratitude to be alive.

Everything I Go Through Grows Me & a simple celebration of a friends birthday easily turned into a day that will change my life forever but for the Better. Continue to count your blessings regardless, I know I will, because I got shot but ironically I dodge a bullet. It could of been way worse and I'm thankful and grateful it wasn't. This is a lesson learn for me and to you all as well, be safe out there, theirs people out here that want to hurt you just to hurt you, it's the sad truth about life but don't let them catch you slipping, & don't let them take your Joy! We / I could think about what I could of/should of/ or what you would of done differently to prevent the situation from happening but truth be told is it is what it is, I'm not perfect, but I'm alive,learning & unlearning and God got me so I'm going to be alright! There was No major damage done Thank God, but this is one hell of an experience to recovery from. So with that beginning said Thank you all for your Thoughts and Prayers, I appreciate you all! Shout out to you beautiful souls for caring and sending all the love, it overpowers all hate everyday😁. God works in Mysterious ways but this is a Minor set back for a Major come back! #HungrierAndHumbler #ChangeIsTheOnlyConstant #ChangeForTheBetter #ImGood #GodSpeedRecovery

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Early, was released from the hospital two days ago, and reports are that not only had he suffered no life threatening wounds but also his knee had no structural damage, according to league sources cited by Yahoo Sports.

He will however need up to three months for recovery, depending on his rehabilitation.

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